KORVO a.k.a. KORVUZ KORAX was born in 1980 in Benevento, Italy, although he grew up between the mountains and the rolling hills of Sannio in the Telesina Valley, a territory close to the legendary Campania Felix. Since preschool, he showed preference for paper and colored crayons instead of conventional toys.

Television, cartoons, music, especially Science Fiction films, robots and monsters from the 80s, were the cocktail that formed his imagination along with new discoveries.

In the early 90s, he got involved into the HIP HOP culture from which he was dazzled. He found himself again drawing on a whole series of new icons and images, and not in the background fundamental concepts on style and originality.

He chose his name based on a totemic animal that has always fascinated him. He saw himself reflected on a character from the movie THE CROW, in which KORVO was seen near the witches, and by reading the original 1989 James O’Barr comic, he finally sticked to that name for his street name.

In the mid-90s, when he was around fifteen years old, he began his collaboration with AELLE, the cult magazine of Italian hip-hop, as a writer. From the very beginning, his remarkable abilities to draw led him to illustrate characters instead of lettering. Influenced and stimulated by the world of graffiti, Korvo expresses his particular dream and caricature world with different techniques including painting and sculpture. During his artistic career he was part, as a guest, of many main street art events. Over the years he started to compare his art with the one in comics, graphics and illustration, becoming the author of some record covers.

In a short period of time, the artist for years in the Urban Art environment, has established himself in the Italian art scene mainly as a writer but has managed to carry on his unique, professional and research path by taking an interest in both sculpture and illustration. These interests led him to where he is today: an eclectic artist, provocatively personal, at times conceptual but always witty and irrepressibly expressive. These are just some definitions, always too few and reductive, to try to define a painter / sculptor like Korvo.This is because, in the very instant in which one has the intuition of having understood the right conclusion of his work or of perceiving it as something close to everyday life, here it is all to be reformulated, to be resumed. That world that is improperly defined as fantasy has more real, psychological and emotional presences within it than you can imagine.

The imaginarium of Korvo
a.k.a. Korvuz Korax

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